This page will list any dogs that are available from Woebgon Bassets. We occasionally have puppies or older basset hounds available for sale. They may be puppies that we do not plan to show or even adult dogs that have earned their AKC Championships. We've learned over the years that we can't keep them all. While that's tempting and it's very difficult to part with any of our dogs we've found that we have made many families happy with the bassets they have from us. At this time we do not anticipate having any available bassets until our next successful breeding.

All our basset hounds are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC). For more on this go to AKC Registration.

Both Don and Pam are listed by the AKC as Breeders of Merit. This is a fairly new designation from the AKC which sets quality breeders apart from the rest. For more information go to Breeder of Merit.

Future Litters:

For those who may be interested in a puppy from us and/or updated information please go to our page on AKC Basset Hound Litters.

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We want those who visit our website to become informed about basset hounds and our bassets in particular. This is our favorite breed of purebred dogs and we hope others will discover why we enjoy them so much. Our bassets are our children.

Responsible Breeders

In 2016 the AKC started distinguishing some breeders as Responsible Breeders. The Golden Retriver Club of America produced a video on this topic to show what that means. With their permission the AKC started producing a series of videos on Responsible Breeders. It is their intent to let people know that some breeders stand our because of certain characteristics. You can find our statement on this topic and a link to the AKC video at: Responsible Breeders

Pam and I are proud of being breeders of Basset Hounds. Because of the AR movement breeders have been chastised by the press and even some rescue groups. Our statement on us and our breeding attempts to answer those critics. On this page there is also an excellent video produced by the AKC on Responsible Breeders. LINK: Our Responsible Breeders Statemen and video showing us and our breeding.

Please also download the RED FLAG WARNING TO PUPPY BUYERS document. This list of DANGERS in finding a puppy was composed with the assistance of a group of Responsible Basset Hound Breeders on the Facebook Basset Basics Page.

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SPECIAL NOTE: We have noticed recently that some websites have listed Woebgon Bassets on them. We have NEVER authorised any websites other than those published by the basset hound clubs to which we belong to include any information about us. We do not condone any such websites that list breeders. Please be very careful going to ANY of these websites. One that I discovered tries to freeze your computer and hold it for ransom money.