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I've always loved working with wood as long as I can remember. When I was young my dad always had a workshop. In our houses with basements that's where it was located. When we lived in Houston, Texas for a short time he had a small shop added to the garage and his shop in California took over the entire garage. There was no space for an addition there.

After I got married I followed suit in our first home. I took over the garage for a workshop. It worked out great. In those days, however, money was extremely tight so I didn't get much done out in the workshop.

When we bought our second home Pam made it clear that both cars would be parked in the garage. She didn't want them parked on the driveway all the time. The garage in that home did have a small side section where I could put some tools but my larger woodworking tools were relegated to the back of the garage up against the wall and pulled out only when I was working on a project. I found this arrangement very cumbersome and turned to other activities to take up my leisure time.

When I neared retirement I told Pam that I needed to get back into woodworking. To do so our next home had to have a dedicated workshop space. She agreed and allowed me to start purchasing new tools starting with a SawStop to replace my 1970s Craftsman table saw.

With this acquisition I started pursuing woodworking projects again. In doing so I decided that my new venture needed a name. Since I was a kid my dad always named his ventures WB because his last two initials and those of my brother and myself are WB. We even had a HO railroad layout featuring the WB railroad company.

Somehow, by sure coincidence, when Pam and I were thinking of a kennel name for our basset hounds we came up with Woebgon Bassets which went along with the WB theme from my childhood. So, in keeping with that WB Fine Woodworking was born. In order to tie the name into our bassets which are very familiar to all who know us I decided to use the silhouette of our Joy as part of the logo. I used a circular saw blade because most of my work includes working on my table saw and a dovetail saw to indicate that some hand tools are used too. The words, "Fine Woodworking" were printed in an Arts and Crafts style font because that's my favorite furniture and architectural style. I also decided to add "Handcrafted" to denote the fact that what I produce isn't mass produced.

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Where things go from here is totally unknown. As I've mentioned elsewhere getting my workshop organized in my current priority. I'm tired of the mess and searching for tools that should be readily available. Now that I no longer have a low limit on my Internet data I've been able to view numerous videos of woodworkers and their workshops on YouTube. I've also recently discovered Instagram and the vast woodworking community that posts almost daily. Those combined with the woodworking forums that I've been visiting for many years now have all given me the ideas and inspiration to get going on the shop clean up/renovation and start building things. Thank you all for your inspiration and ideas.