At Woebgon Bassets we do not breed very often. This page and pages linked to it will show pictures of any current litters and provide information about the puppies. All our litters are registered with the AKC. Go to AKC Registration or click on the logo below for more information on AKC registration.

Don & Pam Bullock have published this website for information only. None of the information constitutes legal or professional advice to our visitors. Don & Pam Bullock accept no responsibility for information and/or data contained on, or linked to this website. Nor do Don & Pam Bullock  sell any animals or services on this website. Any dog listed as being available will be sold only from our home after we have conducted a thorough investigation of the family and their home. We do not ship dogs or sell sight unseen.

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We want those who visit our website to become informed about basset hounds and our bassets in particular. This is our favorite breed of purebred dogs and we hope others will discover why we enjoy them so much. Our bassets are our children.

This website was created and is maintained by Don Bullock.

He can be reached at basithd@yahoo.com

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Please also download the RED FLAG WARNING TO PUPPY BUYERS document. This a list of DANGERS in finding a puppy was composed with the assistance of a group of independent Responsible Basset Hound Breeders on the Facebook Basset Basics Page.

In 2016 the AKC started distinguishing some breeders as Responsible Breeders. The Golden Retriver Club of America produced a video on this topic to show what that means. With their permission the AKC started producing a series of videos on Responsible Breeders. It is their intent to let people know that some breeders stand out because of certain characteristics. You can find our statement on this topic and a link to the AKC video at: Responsible Breeders

Pam and I are proud of being breeders of Basset Hounds. Because of the AR movement breeders have been chastised by the press and even some rescue groups. Our statement on us and our breeding attempts to answer those critics. On this page there is also an excellent video produced by the AKC on Responsible Breeders. LINK: Our Responsible Breeders Statemet and video showing us and our breeding.

Future Litters: (Updated 8/28/18)

We know some of you are anticipating our next litter. Having litters is very time consuming and takes a lot of effort both physically and emotionally. We've had a big change in plans. Don had heart bypass surgery at the end of November 0f 2017 so ALL our breeding plans have been put on hold until he is ready to help with a litter of puppies. Based on the progress Don is making and the heat cycles of our girls it looks like February of 2019 will be the earliest we can breed a litter. At this point we're still not sure who we will breed. There is a good chance that instead of breeding Nadia this time that we may breed Pixie. We just have to wait and see how things go. We are very sorry that our plans keep changing but breeding basset hounds isn't easy and it takes a lot of work and money.

Those who are interested is a possible puppy can email us. Please include information about your family (including animals), home and yard plus anything else that will help us know more about you. The link below will tell you more about what to include. We will acknowledge your inquiry by return email and send you personal updates as they come. Pam will put together a list and call people once we get closer to breeding or when we know we have a girl that is pregnant.

Please understand that we throughly screen all potential puppy buyers (see "Golden Rules of Puppy Buying" statement at the bottom of this page). Sending us your information is in no way a promise from us that there will even be puppies available much less who will get one. At Woebgon Bassets we DO NOT take deposits for upcoming litters. We work with people and mutually agree on the best homes for ALL puppies only after prospective families have visited our home and seen all our bassets including the puppies and we have had a chance to talk with them personally. Getting a puppy is adding a new family member. It's an important decision.

SPECIAL NOTE: We have noticed that some websites have listed Woebgon Bassets on them. We have NEVER authorised any websites other than those published by the basset hound clubs to which we belong to include any information about us. We do not condone any such websites that list breeders. Please be very careful going to ANY of these websites. One that I discovered tries to freeze your computer and hold it for ransom money.

Other links that are important:

AKC Registration

How to Decide on a Breed

Things to Consider Before Getting a Dog

AKC Standard for Basset Hounds

AKC Breeder of Merit

New Puppy Owner’s Checklist

Nadia (more photos and information on Nadia including a link to her pedigree)

Pixie (more photos and information on Pixie including a link to her pedigree)

To understand more about the breeding process and what we do here at Woebgon Bassets please check out:

Our Basset Hound Breeding Program at Woebgon Bassets

The following quote from The Kennel Club (United Kingdom) is excellent and one that all breeders and buyers should follow no matter where they live:

We agree strongly with this statement and insist that puppy buyers visit our home and see all our basset hounds. We also throughly investigate all potential buyers and their families. This is what is best for ALL involved, especially the puppy.

We still think it’s important to build dogs with pedigrees rather than technology. And every longtime breeder I know is really proud of the line of dogs they built with very careful pedigree analysis.

Jacquelyn Fogel in AKC Gazette, May 2017, Vol. 134, No. 4 (LINK: Gazette Issue)

The AKC Standard for Basset Hounds guides our breeding choices.

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