Workshop Progress

WARNING: Still Under Construction

Pam, along with a young man we hired when I needed an extra hand, are partly responsible for the early progress on my workshop. I greatly appreciate their help. Unfortunately most of my projects have been to do some home improvements and repairs, not fine woodworking.  The workshop became a complete mess. Having three litters of puppies and a few of health issues didn't help either. Combine all that with higher than normal temperatures the past couple of years and the workshop has suffered greatly.

In recent months I've finally been able to clean up much of the mess and get a lot of the stuff that didn't belong in the workshop out where it can be used or stored. I've been able to make some plans for cabinets, sets of drawers and even an actual workbench. We've also decided that saving money toward installing a mini-split HVAC. That will greatly extend the amount of time I can work in the workshop and garage. That is still pretty far into the future.

I'm starting to rekindle my initial excitement of having a workshop. While I did have an issue with my heart including bypass surgery I've been gaining strength and stamina. The workshop is finally starting to come together.

The photos below were taken soon after we moved into our home. Hopefully soon I'll be able to up date them.

The view from the workbench area of the new shop is fantastic. The windows fill the workspace with light during the day. When I designed the building’s layout I made sure that the workshop had this view.

Once I get my workbench built it will go under these windows.

These lumber racks were one of the first additions to the workshop. Unfortunately when I installed them the first time they were too low. They have now been reset on the wall. The storage bins were added to the wall for small items like nuts, bolts and just about anything that will fit. Also shown are my compound sliding miter saw and my band saw.

In addition to the long rack I installed one for shorter lumber above the area where sheet goods are stored. I will be building a rack for sheet goods in this spot when I have the time and money necessary for the project. In the mean time they just lean against the wall.

I attached one of these clamp racks to the wall studs, but there wasn’t room for the second one. Then I noticed some ash I used for table extensions in our old dining table that I made many years ago. I split one in half and mounted a clamp rack to each one. The ash was then attached to the wall studs -- problem solved. Since the picture was taken I found some great sales on clamps. The racks are now full. But, a woodworker never has enough clamps. Eventually I'll also add racks for all my other clamps. I've seen some great ideas for racks that take up less wall space.

I had planned to add a router table to my table saw. That’s one reason that I bought the Incra fence for it. The more I researched router tables the more I realized that having a stand alone table would be better for now. I can add another one to the table saw later. Besides, Rockler had a great sale or coupons for all the components I needed.

After I got all the Rockler components and assembled the router table, Incra had a sale on their small router table fence. Since I already had their Wonder Fence add on add on I emailed them about adding it to the fence that was on sale. As a result of my email I discovered that I needed an upgrade on the fence. Their Customer Service representative worked out a spacial package deal for me. They are a great company to work with.

I had to extend the router table to accommodate the Incra fence. To do that I added steel extensions to the Rockler table stand. On top of them I added two scrap 2x6 boards and discovered that some scrap laminate flooring would make the table extension perfectly even with the top of the router table. I added a scrap of mahogany on that to mount the Incra jig.

My next projects for the workshop includes adding dust collection, drawers and other storage to the Rockler base. I have the design drawn up but I'm lacking the materials and time.

The garage side of the building houses my custom 2001 PT Cruiser and has a storage area along the wall. The shelves are almost filled with Christmas decorations, but the cupboards and drawers are starting to get filled up. We will be deciding what needs to be stored in them and getting them filled up.

Recently I was able to find a place for some of the things that were still in the garage after we moved. We're now able to get our Chrysler Town & Country into the garage. I was so happy when we did that I had designed the building to be wider than most garages. The van will fit into the garage far enough so that we can open the back hatch and still have my plywood storage and walkway in front of it.

It’s all still a work in progress and will be for quite a few years, but at least we are finally making progress. The progress is significant enough for me to actually get back to my woodworking and I’m really enjoying that. Perhaps soon I’ll actually be able to post some pictures of some more new woodworking projects as well as improvements to the shop. If we're able to add the AC that will help greatly. I am so happy that we decided to fully insulate the building when we had it built. I'd sure hate to have to do that now that it's full of stuff.

The shop/garage is now a different color. No, the paint wasn’t deteriorating at all. We had to have some work done on the house that required painting and there were places on the house that needed to be painted. We decided rather than put up with a “patch work” of colors we’d just paint everything at once. The house, garage/shop, kennel building and our dogbath/storage shed were painted to match.

Yes, I still need more pictures of the interior. For now it's incomplete and a big mess because of some projects that are unrelated to woodworking and a home improvement project that I finally finished. The photo below was taken just before I started cleaning up the workshop. As you can see I'm a little disgusted by the state of affairs.

I’m working on the cleaning and organization. I lost a lot of time on the project when I started having heart problems and eventual heart bypass surgery. Now I'm diligently spending as much time as possible working on the workshop. My goal is to have the workshop up and running by late spring of 2018.Until then most of my furniture projects are on hold but I will be posting some projects that  I'm making for the workshop.

More progress still to come

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Things have improved greatly since this photo was taken.