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Basset Hound Club Trophies

Pam and I are, as is obvious the website, very active with our dogs. Because of that I have been involved over the years in making some trophies for the basset hound shows that the clubs we belong to hold each year. It’s a fun activity and the trophies help me hone some of the skills I need for other projects. Examples of the trophies I’ve made are shown below.

BHCSC Best in Sweepstakes

“Woebgon Challenge Cup”

Base is made from Cherry.

The loving cup is silver plate and the basset hound figurine was recycled from a trophy from the 1970s.

Don and Pam retired this trophy in 2014 when Tradewinds Caicos was Best in Sweepstakes.  Due to fairly new AKC rules this trophy will not be replaced.

BHCSC High in Trial for Obedience

Dedicated to Ralph Scarrow

Base is made from Zebrawood and Black Walnut.

The pictures above were taken in Don’s shop before the finish was applied to the trophy and the plaques were added.

The basset hound figurine is from Danbury Mint and was donated for the trophy by our friend, Maria Bivens.

The trophy was dedicated to Ralph Scarrow before his death for his work in keeping obedience events a part of BHCSC Specialty Shows.

Note: The basset hound figurine can be protected for travel and storage by turning the top upside down so that the it disappears into the base.

Photos of the finished trophy.

This trophy was retired in 2014 by Marianne Lovejoy. She re-donated the trophy with a new plaque as the "Ralph Scarrow Memorial Challenge Trophy." We’d like to express our special thanks to her for this generous gesture. It keeps the trophy in circulation which allows others to enjoy it.

GSDBHC Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed

“The Cup of Joy”

Dedicated to “Joy” because she was the first to win BOS at the Sunday GSDBHC Specialty Show

A silver plate loving cup on a hand crafted cherry wood base.

When the GSDBHC expanded to two Specialty Shows our Joy had the honor of being awarded the first Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed. As a result of this honor we donated a trophy to their club. This trophy is still being used by the club.

BHCSC Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed

After retiring the previous trophy in 2013 we donated this one in 2014

We donated this trophy to the Basset Hound Club odf Southern California after retiring the previous trophy. The base this trophy is made from Curly Maple and Black Walnut dowels for accent.

The basset hound bitch is a cold cast bronze figurine made by Dannyquest. The trophy was donated in honor of our three girls who retired the previous trophy.

2005 - GCh.  Ch. Woebgon’s Kickapoo Joy Juice, ROM

2007 - Ch. Woebgon’s Snow White from the Bred by Exhibitor Class

2013 - GCh. Ch. Woebgon’s Dodge City Sarsaparilla

Note: The basset hound figurine can be protected for travel and storage by turning the top upside down so that it disappears into the base.

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