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AKC Silver on Gold Medallion for finishing at least 5 dogs solely from the Bred-by-Exhibitor Class at AKC events.

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Welcome to Woebgon Bassets

Woebgon Bassets is located in Southern California. We are are proud to be breeders or "breed guardians" of AKC Champion basset hounds. Both of us have qualified as AKC Breeders of Merit. Puppies and older bassets are available occasionally. All our adult basset hounds are AKC Champions or are working towards their Championship and we only breed our AKC Champion females. More importantly our basset hounds are our children. They share our home with us. We pride ourselves in quality not quantity. Our litters are carefully planned. We do not sell dogs over the Internet or sight unseen. Our  dogs are only sold when we find the right home for them. This site is dedicated to all our bassets; past, present and future.

Please don’t confuse basset hounds from AKC Champion parents with bassets from other sources. Our basset hounds are bred as closely to the AKC Standard for the breed as possible. Before purchasing a basset hound from anyone familiarize yourself with this Standard and ask the breeder about it in regards to their breeding program. Quality is proven in the show ring. Dog shows are for evaluating breeding stock.








Three generations of Woebgon Bassets playing chase in our back yard.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions about basset hounds. As school teachers the two of us spent our whole adult lives educating others and we don’t plan to stop doing that in retirement. We enjoy talking to people about basset hounds. To find out more about us check out our page that tells about the two of us or look items under About Us in the menu at the top of the page. This website is full of information about our home, our foundation, our breeding and basset hounds. Please check it out.

Don & Pam Bullock have published this website for information only. It's a labor of love for the breed. None of the information constitutes legal or professional advice to our visitors. Don & Pam Bullock accept no responsibility for information and/or data contained on, or linked to this website. Nor do Don & Pam Bullock  sell any animals or services on this website. Any dog listed as being available will be sold only from our home after we have conducted a thouough investigation of the family and their home. We do not ship dogs or sell sight unseen.

The Woebgon Basset’s website contains links to third party websites. These sites are not under the control of Don & Pam Bullock nor is the couple responsible for the contents of any of these linked sites, including without limitation, any link contained in a linked website, or any changes or updates to a linked site. These links are provided by Don & Pam Bullock to you only as a convenience, and the inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by Don & Pam Bullock of the site or any association with its operators.

We want those who visit our website to become informed about basset hounds and our bassets in particular. This is our favorite breed of purebred dogs and we hope others will discover why we enjoy them so much. Our bassets are our children. We are very proud to be basset hound breeders.

The Dog Whisperer

We have had the great fortune to have been asked to have basset puppies from two of our litters  participate in photo shoots with Cesar Millan aka The Dog Whisperer. Both were litters out of Joy. We'd like to thank Cesar and his staff for their hospitality and the photographers for their patience. It was indeed a great honor for our puppies to be selected for these photo sessions by Cesar and his staff.

This website was created and is maintained by Don Bullock.

He can be reached at

Health and first aide information on the Woebgon Bassets website is provided for information purposes only. It is not presented as a replacement for proper veterinary care. Do not hesitate to seek proper veterinary care for your dogs.

Future Litters: We know some of you are anticipating our next litter. Our plans have been postponed. Having litters is very time consuming and takes a lot of effort both physically and emotionally. We have decided that we need a break. We will announce any changes here As far as we know right now we won't be breeding during 2017.

We are dedicated to maintaining and improving basset hounds and do our best to uphold the goals of our local breed club, the Basset Hound Club of Southern California, Inc.:

All Website Contents are Copyright ©  by Donald W. Bullock. All Rights Reserved.

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We at Woebgon Bassets owe a lot to Sue and Andy Shoemaker of Shoefly Bassets. They recognized that we were serious in our intentions to show and eventually breed Champion basset hounds. The couple sold us our foundation males and helped us to get started with showing. The Shoemakers continue to provide valuable input for our breeding program and help with any issues.

We are also indebted to our former co-breeder, Heather Simonek. Without her friendship, love and devotion we would not have experienced the success that we have had with our breeding program and our success in the show ring. Unfortunately she passed away in 2009 at 39 from the Swine Flu. For more on Heather check out our Heather Tribute page.

In the meantime check out breeder lists provided by the basset clubs or contact us.

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SPECIAL NOTE: We have noticed recently that some websites have listed Woebgon Bassets on them. We have NEVER authorised any websites other than those published by the basset hound clubs we belong to to include any information about us. We do not condone any such website that lists breeders. Please be very careful going to ANY of these websites. One tries to freeze your computer and hold it for ransom money.

We are now concentrating our showing on Nadia. She showed well in her first shows and is starting to become a real "show girl."

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Don & Pam


I’ve written far to many eulogies for our bassets in the last few years. This on is by far one of the hardest ones to write. We lost our RockStar yesterday.

Star wasn’t feeling well on Sunday and didn't act like herself at the show on Saturday. Pam took her into the vet as early as possible on Monday morning. He took x-rays and did an ultrasound. The results he reported from of both didn't sound good. Around noon we received the call from him with the results of an exploratory surgery. Evidently, from what he told us, she had tumors everywhere. Our choice was not to even revive her from the surgery. She's gone.

While we know that most dog deaths are caused by cancer, this is just our second personal experience with it. Our first was a with Lucy, our pet store girl. This is the first experience with one so young and one that we bred.

Star was vibrant and happy to the very end. Until Sunday there were no signs of any illness. She and the rest of our pack enjoyed playing together. They often ran through the yard and house at top speed chasing one another. On Sunday night Pam and I wanted to keep an eye on Star so we had her sleep with us on our bed. She was so happy to be with us. Several times she cuddled up next to me and turned over so that I could rub her tummy as she wagged her tail in delight. Star was such a wonderful and integral part of our family. She was truly our RockStar.


April 28, 2014 - January 30, 2017

Ch. Woebgon’s RockStar